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For bookings of 20 or more email to bookings@gravitycentre.com.au, contact reception on (08) 9575 7577, or book online.

Perth Day Tours and Bookings


Discover the world through science on a Perth day tour of the Gravity Discovery Centre!
Our self-guided Perth day tours will take you on a journey through time and explain some of our universe’s most mysterious phenomena! On some days we may be able to show you the Observatory, depending on how busy we are and you will be able to climb the Leaning Tower of Gingin or walk to Solar Walk
The main areas of the Gravity Discovery Centre are accessible for people with disabilities and/or mobility aids (with the exception of the Leaning Tower of Gingin).
To book a Perth day tour and find out when we have tours available, click the ‘Book Now’ button below!

Group Bookings

For bookings of 20 or more email to bookings@gravitycentre.com.au, contact reception on (08) 9575 7577, or book online.
All bookings to be made with at least one week’s notice.

48 hours notice is required for cancellations.

If refreshments are required for your group, special Cafe menu options are available.
We hope you enjoy your visit to the Gravity Discovery Centre.
For Education programs, click here.
For Senior Group bookings, click here.

Home School Visits


We offer fun and educational activities for all ages and we encourage children to explore and discover.
There are many indoor as well as outdoor things to do and experience, one of the most exciting is of course climbing the Leaning Tower of Gingin and dropping water filled balloons from the very top!
For the older members of the family we have the lovely Gravity Cafe which serves excellent Italian coffee.
Our Cosmology Gallery features multicultural artworks & photographs and also our 65 meter timeline of the history of the universe.
Maybe you feel like discovering nature and decide to explore one of our great bush walks. The distance varies, depending on how keen the members of your family are!


The Gravity Discovery Centre is a very popular destination for seniors and senior groups. We are very happy to cater for any special needs you or your group members may have. Our tour guides will ensure you have an enjoyable and informative guided tour.

Senior Group Tour Specials

 $30.00 p/p
$17.00 p/p
$20.00 p/p
$14.00 p/p
Call Joondalup Coach Hire on (08) 9305 8685 and speak to Julie or Leila to arrange your coach from Clarkson Station. Email: mcharter@bigpond.com for further quotes.


The Gravity Discovery Centre is fast becoming one of Perth’s most popular tourist destinations.

Only a short drive north of the Perth CBD, the Gravity Discovery Centre offers a wide variety of Perth day tours for all ages and interest groups, from families to backpackers and eco tourists.
Situated amongst pristine bushland in a world wide recognised biodiversity hotspot, the amazing Flora and Fauna you may encounter on one of our bush walks is truly breathtaking, especially the wildflowers during spring.
Children as well as adults will be thrilled when climbing the Leaning Tower of Gingin. Reaching the very top and dropping water balloons or just enjoying the view is a memorable adventure for the whole family!
For those among you who love art, especially indigenous art, don’t miss our wonderful exhibitions in the Cosmology Gallery.

However, science is the reason we are here!

Attached to the Australian International Gravitational Observatory, which is one of 6 active gravity wave research stations in the world, our passion here at the GDC is to talk science, technology, latest research and how they may impact your everyday life.